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Tayden Guitar Loudspeakers

Tayden's roots lie firmly in producing high quality loudspeakers, and our instrument range is no exception. One of the few companies still producing hand-crafted English loudspeakers, Tayden caters for the needs of Guitar and Bass players alike. From it's dynamically sounding Alnico A Series, to the power and performance of the 2000 Series Bass loudspeaker, Tayden's range of instrument speakers features a sound for every taste.

Tayden A Series - Alnico

Tayden's new Alnico A Series; for the serious professional. Part of Tayden's "New Vintage" series of Loudspeakers, the A Series combines a truly classic vintage sound with increased power handling and performance afforded by modern adhesive technology. Available currently in 10", 12" and 15" versions, the A Series emulates the sound of early loudspeakers created during the 1950s. A true rock-and-roll loudspeaker.

Tayden M Series - Ceramic

Tayden's new Ceramic M Series, also part of the Tayden "New Vintage" range. A classic 1960s creamy blues sound, the M Series is an ideal drop-in replacement for vintage guitar cabinets and combos. Designed for lovers of old Marshalls, Selmers, etc. the M series is for those who like a smooth overdriven sound. Available in 12" and 15" variants.

Tayden F Series - Ceramic

The trademark clean sound of Hi-Watt, Sound City, and Orange is captured in this uniquely English loudspeaker. The F Series offers unsurpassed clarity even at high volumes, and with double the power handling of the originals, this loudspeaker is sure to appeal to those who want a big clean sound. Currently available in 12" only, featuring a larger magnet assembly and voice coil. Also part of the "New Vintage" range.

Tayden 2000 Series - Bass Guitar

Using modern materials, adhesives and technology, the 2000 series is for the modern player where high power handling, wide frequency range and outstanding performance are of paramount importance. For lovers of stomp-boxes and emulators, these loudspeakers faithfully reproduce the amplifier's output without colouration. Available in 10", 12" and 15" variants, the 2000 Series features large magnets and voice coils; a defining feature of this range.