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Tayden Loudspeakers began back in the 1970s, providing cost-effective, high performance loudspeakers to some of the country's leading PA and guitar cabinet manufacturers. Today, Tayden continues to work closely with its customers to develop loudspeakers to meet the market's requirements of high performance coupled with reliability and rugged build quality, all at a sensible price. Have a look at our standard Guitar, PA and Hi-fi ranges, and look out for our New Vintage series of modern classic loudspeakers. Tayden also stocks a range of red speaker cones, especially popular with bass players.

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Standard Units

As with most companies, Tayden produces a range of well proven designs developed over a number of years, tested in the field by a wide variety of end users.

Custom Units

Tayden's main strength lies with its ability and desire to work alongside its customers to develop new products to satisfy the industry's ever increasing demands. We welcome enquiries from all customers in order to meet specific requirements and performance criteria.

Customers are given the options of parameters such as former materials, impedance variations, fluid cooling, cone types, two or four layer voice coils and twin cones. You can even choose the colour and finish of the chassis. We can also produce co-axial drivers together with chassis mounting crossovers optimised for performance and power handling. Plots are available to customers for SPL, impedance, Thiele-Small parameters, and so on.

Cabinet Design

Tayden is happy to help customers with cabinet design for their products. Using our extensive measuring facilities, we are able to design the entire system from the bottom up, including the crossover, to ensure the smooth integration of components.


Tayden makes extensive use of ferro-fluid cooling in our voice coils. This gives dramatically increased power handling and hence greater reliability. By injecting magnetic fluid into the voice coil gap, much more heat is dissipated into the magnet structure allowing the voice coil to run cooler for a given power input, and reducing compression losses. An added benefit is that noise within the gap is eliminated, something not usually considered in loudspeaker design. Essentially, this means Tayden speakers play louder, sound sweeter, and last longer.

We also offer a design service for custom crossovers, loudspeaker testing and measuring. We have in-house facilities for inductor winding, and stock thousands of components for the hi-fi and pro-audio trade.

Tayden Availability

Tayden loudspeakers are available direct from us please see our ebay shop.

Tayden Users

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  JPF Amplification,based in Denmark Street, London, is our London agent.

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