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Our new showrooms are open by appointment to showcase the best in British products.


Our aim is to promote British products and highlight the very best on offer. We are not interested in inferior imported product where backup and support are sometimes woefully lacking, or indeed non-existent, and repairs almost impossible.

Our aim is to support all that is British for the gigging musician with support from a number of leading manufacturers. Initially we had the aim of providing our Tayden customers with a chance to try all our loudspeakers in the range. The need then was for guitar products and amplifiers to help in this aim. In this we found our customers extremely helpful and supportive. Before long it became apparent that this was going to be much more than a simple demo room.

The concept of a truly British outlet was born - somewhere that a number of hand built products could be tried all under one roof. We are now able to offer a range of guitars, amplifiers, speakers, pickups and pedals for our customers to try. To assist in this we have installed a PA system and a drum kit alongside a selection of bass rigs to get a feel of the equipment in a gigging situation. Our showrooms are about 400 square feet so a "live" feel of the equipment is possible to gauge how it feels on a gig.

All our products are built here in the UK and many of the manufacturers are our own customers with whom we have built long established relationships. This is an important factor as we can be confident in the reliability of the product and after sales support. As well as the back up from the manufacturers themselves, we have a well-equipped service repair bench for maintaining that which we sell. We stock popular types of valves and can fit and bias all popular types as well as offering a fitting service for pickups and speakers. We can also offer a custom building service for cabinets and also a re-covering service for customers' own equipment.

We are stocking products from Tayden Loudspeakers, J.P.F. Amplification, Bulldog Pickups, British Amplifiers (Watkins, Elac), Patrick Eggle Guitars, Twin Stomp Pedals, Vintage Pedal Workshop, Wienbrock Amplifiers, Lazy J, J.M.I. Zilla Cabs, ADD Acoustics, TAS Pro Audio, Gartone, Theta Systems UK, Nemesis Bass Rigs, Watford Valves, Harma, AMP Cabling Systems, BRM Amplifiers, Falcon Electronics and many more.

As well as our Musical Instrument department we have a dedicated Hi-Fi area - again featuring British products. We are constantly looking to expand our range of products so if you have any suggestions or have a product and wish to be represented please contact our sales office.