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Equipment Repair, Servicing and Appraisal

AudioLoudspeakers carries out repair work and servicing on a wide range of electronic equipment. Anything from faulty PA amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, DJ and disco mixers, to active crossovers, mixing desks and stage lighting. Our trained engineer has extensive experience in equipment repair, and our priority service ensures a very fast turnaround time. We also offer a home pick-up and delivery service for most items, for a small extra charge.

In addition, we offer a high quality custom cables manufacturing service for musicians, PA rigs and hi-fi alike. All our leads use high-quality cable and connectors, and can be made to any length required. Check out the leads page for more information.

All repair work, servicing and appraisal work is carried out by our sister company, ABELtronics, based locally. With an extensive stock of electronic components, valves and spare parts, we are able to carry out most repairs within a day or two.


Most faults within any piece of electronic equipment, especially within the audio industry, are economically repairable. For example, it is not uncommon for a power amplifier that has been driven heavily into clipping to blow the output transistors, causing a loud bang from the speakers, and a smoking amplifier. In this situation, the output devices can be replaced and the amplifier fully power-and-bandwidth tested and soak tested to ensure it is working as it came from the factory. We have extensive test and measurement equipment designed to analyse even the tiniest fault with most audio equipment. We perform logic analysis and other test procedures on digital audio equipment, faults with which are notoriously difficult to find.

Hi-fi amplifiers and equipment can also be repaired and have their components replaced. As an electronic device ages, various properties of the internal components gradually change over time, such as transistor gain, dielectric absorption of capacitors, and so on. This can lead to a change in the sound quality that some listeners report to be audible. We carry out servicing and repair to all types of electronic equipment, and will be pleased to help.


Electronic equipment is often neglected as a service item, and it is rare for maintenance to be performed on such devices. However, dust and grit can clog up in a power amplifier causing excessive heat build-up leading to early failure. Level potentiometers and mixer faders are also subject to ingress of dust and occasionally liquid and are liable to audibly "crack" when moved. Regular servicing and maintenance of electronic devices keeps this from happening, and often negates the need for repair at a later date.

Hi-fi valve amplifiers are especially important to maintain. Owing to the high voltages inside, capacitor breakdown and PCB creepage become more apparent, with certain older oil-filled capacitors spontaneously producing a loud and disturbing bang with lots of smoke when they fail. This can ruin a potentially very expensive valve amplifier. We also offer a valve and capacitor replacement service for such amplifiers to maintain their optimum quality, and safety.


In addition, we are pleased to offer an equipment appraisal scheme where important parameters of loudspeakers and amplifiers can be measured and determined. We are able to produce computer measured and generated plots of amplifier THD, MLS waterfall and SPL responses of loudspeakers, and Thiele-Small parameter measurement of loudspeaker drivers. We have carried out this work in the past for customers wishing to import sound equipment from the far east, or in any situation where the exact parameters of a particular piece of equipment are unknown. Please contact us for more information.


Talk to us for more information, or visit ABELtronics' website for contact details.


   Some of the equipment used in our repair shop