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High Quality Custom Leads

AudioLoudspeakers offers a custom audio cable manufacturing service. It has been our experience in the past that many mass-produced cables and leads fail either out of the box, or after a short period of use, so we decided to make our own. We can provide almost any combination of audio connectivity at any length up to 100 metres, and we only use high quality multiple screen super-flexible cable, and quality branded connectors, e.g. Neutrik and Amphenol. All leads are made to order to customer's requirements.

In addition, we are happy to supply the cable or connectors separately, and hold a wide range of stock.

Instrument Leads

We use low capacitance oxygen free copper cable with close-lap spiral screen together with a conductive carbon thermoplastic layer providing exceptional screening from noise and interference. This is particularly important when using long leads over 5m and provides better top-end performance and greater clarity. The cable is chosen for its durability, performance and flexibility even in sub-zero temperatures.

Microphone Cables

The cable used is similar in construction to the instrument cable above, with the addition of a natural cotton filler which prevents capacitance changes and provides constant shielding under the toughest of conditions. Leads can be made either balanced or unbalanced, with a variety of terminations, depending on the customer's requirements.

PA Interconnect Cable

Similar to the microphone cable above. Interconnect cable can be made to any length, and is especially useful for producing short cable for connecting between devices in an amplifier rack, for example. Connectors can be any combination of male or female, balanced or unbalanced, XLR, TRS/TS (Jack), or RCA ("phono"), and the cable can be any length up to 100m.

Speaker Cables

We use super tough oxygen-free cable in durable flexible sleeving allowing to cable to maintain its properties down to sub-zero temperatures. Round cable for Neutrik's Speakon connectors or figure-of-eight cable for banana posts is available; these low-resistance cables meet and exceed the demands of the touring professional. Cable is available in standard, co-axial and multi-core formats up to 8 cores, and any length up to 100m.

Hi-Fi Cable

We can manufacture specialist hi-fi loudspeaker and interconnect cable to special order. We use a range of specially ordered cable, and any length at any budget can be catered for. Talk to us for more information.