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Falcon Components - Inductors, Capacitors, Resistors

Falcon components, originally called Falcon Acoustics, has been supplying crossover inductors since the early 1970s. We were the first company to offer inductors made using self-bonding enamelled copper wire; a manufacturing method that we still use today. With capacity to produce tens of thousands of inductors per month we are able to satisfy the demands of the biggest mass producer to the one-off hobbyist alike.

We produce many standard values and we are able to manufacture any custom value in any quantity to customer's requirements. We are able to select inductance tolerances down to 0.5% by special request. All our inductors are RoHS compliant.

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Falcon's strength lies in the fact that we can manufacture almost any audio inductor, in any quantity, and to any specification, in-house. We are able to manufacture and selectively test inductors to the tightest of tolerances for the discerning user, both in solid core or air-cored format. Solid core inductors can be manufactured using ferrite powder or iron dust, and air-cored inductors are available on a variety of bobbins. All Falcon's solid core inductors use self-bonding enamelled copper wire in a range of thicknesses to suit the specification, and are rated to industrial temperatures. All our inductors are RoHS compliant.


Falcon is also able to supply a myriad of capacitors for audio use. We hold stock of a variety of polyester, polypropylene and electrolytic capacitors from Alcap and Solen, and are able to obtain high quality capacitors from other manufacturers. Even odd-value or odd-size axial and radial capacitors can be catered for. Our capacitors are specified as RoHS compliant, and we have a stock of non-compliant devices for repair use.


Falcon also supplies a range of ceramic and aluminium-clad wire-wound resistors for audio use. We hold a huge stock of resistors in all kinds of power ratings including some values not found on the E24 series. As with the capacitors, we hold a range of RoHS compliant and non-compliant devices.