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DC Boultons - Loudspeaker Repair Experts

DC Boultons offers a loudspeaker re-cone and repair service, and has done for decades. In the past, there was no option but to replace a dead loudspeaker with a brand new driver at significant cost and hassle. With our extensive stock of loudspeaker spare parts and our ability to wind any type of voice coil, either on Kapton, glass-fibre or aluminium, in-house, DC Boultons can repair a damaged loudspeaker at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

We have a standard pricing (see below) for the most common drivers we encounter, although to date there has not been a single loudspeaker we have seen that we cannot repair. Even very old or very specialist drivers, such as those found in jukeboxes, Lowther drivers, even older mains-energised speakers, or elliptical drivers can be catered for. If you can't find your driver on the price list, talk to us to find out more - we will almost certainly be able to help.

Example Pricing

These are guide prices only, please contact us for a quotation. All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

  • Guitar Speakers

    12" Guitar Speaker, pressed steel chassis (Celestion, Fane, etc) - £35

  • Pro-audio drivers (JBL, EV, RCF etc):

    • 12" - £50
    • 15" - £60
    • 18" - £70
    • Double spider - add £10
    • Slipped Magnet - add £15
    • Doping - add £5 per side
  • Hi-Fi Drivers

    Up to 8":

    • Rebuild - £35
    • Re-surround - £25

    Up to 10":

    • Rebuild - £40
    • Re-surround - £30

Customised Units

Sometimes we encounter a broken drive unit that needs that little bit extra, or a dead driver that will be used in a different application other than for that for which it was designed. Using the expertise of Tayden, it is normally possible to re-build the same driver using different components to transform it into a more suitable unit.

Drive Unit Sales

AudioLoudspeakers not only manufactures and repairs loudspeakers and components, we can supply then too. We are able to supply most types of loudspeaker from almost any manufacturer at competitive prices. We are agents for most of the leading manufacturers and are happy to supply to both trade and retail. Additionally, we will be happy to advise in any respect, including cabinet and crossover design. We offer a design service for custom crossovers, loudspeaker measuring and testing.

For a quotation or a chat, please contact us with your questions and requirements.




Diaphragm Assemblies

We supply a near-limitless range of compression drivers, diaphragm assemblies, and H.F. motor units, with a selected stock of the most common types in-house, and a special order facility for the more rare units. Many original spares and copy-parts are available, and most H.F. drivers can be re-conditioned. For more details and pricing, please talk to us for more information.