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ADD - Acoustic Design and Development

ADD manufactures and installs complete sound systems, and combines the expertise of Tayden Loudspeakers with decades of experience in building PA and guitar loudspeaker enclosures. We provide a tailored and customised sound system to meet your requirements and budget, and use our state-of-the-art in-house measuring equipment to ensure the system always sounds top-notch. From simple DJ monitor speakers to sound systems totalling tens of kilowatts, ADD is the one for a custom system to meet and exceed your needs.

We also supply and manufacture audio accessories such as mixers, limiters, amplifiers, and crossovers, and we have an in-house custom leads manufacturing capability to ensure everything is connected together properly.

We can design a complete sound system from as little as one phone call or a site visit, and because ADD uses the Tayden range of PA drive units in our enclosures, you can be assured of long term reliability, quality and longevity. We also offer a sound system installation service, again customised exactly to customer's requirements.

One of the first cabinets produced by us (then called AMP - Audio Musical Products - a name we use today) in the early 1970s; probably the first company to offer carpet-covered PA cabinets in the industry. (Click image for larger view)
. An ADD sound system from the 1960s installed for the road show of a popular radio station.  (Click image for larger view)
Some of the first instrument cabinets produced by ADD.  (Click image for larger view)

Sound System Installation

ADD offers a sound system installation service. We are happy to install our own products or those of other manufacturers in applications such as disco, public house, nightclub or even Church. Our trained sound engineers cover all aspects of the installation, including speaker positioning, limiter set-up and cable runs, to ensure the best sound and greatest longevity is achieved. We have supplied and installed simple 200W sound systems in pubs all the way through to multi-kilowatt installations in nightclubs and bars. Whatever your application, we can help.


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Custom Loudspeaker Enclosures

AudioLoudspeakers undertakes manufacturing of custom loudspeaker and amplifier cabinets. Almost any cabinet of any size or design can be catered for.

All units are built to order, and we concentrate on small production runs for hire companies, retailers, as well as private individuals. We can design around all popular formats, such as instrument cabinets, PA, wedge monitors, etc. We work closely with the customer to ensure they get exactly what they require with regard to finish, performance, styling, and of course sound. Most of our work includes Tayden drive units, although we are happy to work with other manufacturer's units supplied or specified by the customer.

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