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What is AudioLoudspeakers?

AudioLoudspeakers brings together the expertise of five companies, all of whom are well known in the industry for outstanding quality and service. All the products and services are now available under one roof offering customers ultimate quality, choice and service, combined with over 60 years experience in the industry. AudioLoudspeakers is a small family-run business with its roots in listening to it's customers. Please feel free to contact us for friendly advice and great service.

What We Do

AudioLoudspeakers is a complete service for the sound professional and novice alike. We offer an extensive range of services including loudspeaker repair, loudspeaker design and manufacture, crossover design, inductor and coil winding, complete soundsystem design and installation, electronic repair and component supplies. These services are now available quite literally under one roof, providing our customers with a one-stop-shop for audio and loudspeaker solutions: hence the name.

Who We Are

AudioLoudspeakers is a small family-run business located in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK.

Paul Seago - The Boss
Josh Seago - Loudspeaker production manager
Sue Oakley - Inductor winding specialist
Ian McDermott - Loudspeaker repair technician
Malcolm Jones - Founder of Falcon Acoustics, now retired

Where We Are

We are located in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK. Please see the contact us page for our address and directions.

What We Offer


Tayden manufactures high quality hi-fi and pro-audio loudspeaker drive units. The unique sound of the Tayden range of guitar speakers and the sheer power and dynamics of the Tayden pro-audio range of loudspeakers has earned Tayden a reputation deserved of a company with over 30 years experience in the business.
DC Boultons, the name for loudspeaker re-cone and repair services, continues the trend of excellent quality and service. To date, there has been no loudspeaker we have seen that we cannot repair. With an extensive range of quality cones, spiders and re-cone kits, and huge stocks of spare parts, coupled with the ability to manufacture our own voice coils to any size and specification in-house, there is only one name in loudspeaker repair.
Acoustic Design and Development, the quality manufacturer of PA and guitar Loudspeaker cabinets, was established over 30 years ago building custom enclosures for musicians and the then embryonic disco industry. We were one of the first companies to design cabinets specifically for DJs and the first to offer carpet-covered cabinets to the retail trade in the early 70s. Today, ADD continues to offer custom cabinets for PA and guitar alike, and we can design cabinets to offer any sound your ear can dream.
Falcon Components, then called Falcon Acoustics, was founded 35 years ago by ex-KEF employee Malcolm Jones. Once regarded as the only name in DIY speaker kit suppliers, Falcon has grown as a leading supplier of inductors, capacitors and crossover components to the likes of Naim, PMC, Harbeth, and more. All our inductors are wound in-house, and any value of any type can be manufactured to customer's requirements in any quantity.